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Welcome to the MicroConf Podcast! Featuring two episodes per week, we take a look back at the archives from MicroConf's past and publish the audio of some of the best talks delivered from the MC stage and host a weekly live streamed conversation with founders and geniuses supporting the non-VC track startup community.
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Latest Episodes…

  1. MicroConf Refresh Episode 12: An Inside Story of Self-Funded SaaS Growth - Rob Walling

    Rob Walling tells the story of launching Drip to $7k in MRR and then struggling to find product/market fit. He walks through the steps he took to get there, and his thought process along the way, ...


  2. Finding Product Market Fit in a Competitive Market with Derrick Reimer (Remix!)

    http://microconfonair.com We had some issues with the original recording of this episode, so we've gone ahead and added a new version - hopefully this one works for everyone!  Sorry for the inconvenience!  As you are seeking out product market fit, it is important to consider the path you forge into ...


  3. Episode 35: Founder Spotlight with Brendan McAdams, Expertscape

    http://microconfonair.com Every couple of weeks, we like to feature a founder from the MicroConf Connect community that is brave enough to jump on a call with Rob to talk about what it is they're doing. This week, we're excited to welcome Brendan McAdams, founder of Expertscape. Brendan ...


  4. MicroConf Refresh Episode 11: Prescriptions and Descriptions: Blindspots of the Developer Entrepreneur - Ben Orenstein

    Ben has a theory: Developers who create digital products or SaaS apps tend to screw up in predictable ways. They are particularly likely to under-invest in marketing and sales, and will tend to over-automate. Worst of ...


  5. Episode 34: The Contraindications of Key Performance Indicators with Keith Perhac

    Keith is the founder of SegMetrics, helping founders understand their true lead value using a data backed approach. On Air, Keith and Rob discuss why your KPI's might be setting up blinders as your create a marketing strategy for your businesses, how outliers can create a new train of thought in ...