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Welcome to the MicroConf Podcast! Featuring two episodes per week, we take a look back at the archives from MicroConf's past and publish the audio of some of the best talks delivered from the MC ...more

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October 06, 2021 00:31:50
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 40: Become the Wise Advisor with Mike Ritchie

Platforms like Quora, Stack Overflow and Clarify.fm let you becoming the wisest, most sage advisor across the land. In this conversation between Mike and Rob, Mike will share how he tapped into authority building platforms to reach their earliest customers by providing insights and solutions to potential customers. ...



September 29, 2021 00:25:38
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 39: Transform Your Technical Documentation into A Content Marketing Engine with Natalie Luneva

You know that you need product documentation to help your users level up their XP and get the most out of your SaaS. But did you know that you could also evolve your documentation to work harder as a lead magnet? Natalie will take you on an expert mode journey in converting these somewhat boring, mandatory pieces of copy into a content marketing strategy that makes it easier for your customer to find you. ...



September 22, 2021 00:38:37
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 38: Fill Your Lobby with Partners That Can Refer Your SaaS with Leonardo Barrientos Persico

It always helps to have a team behind you as you begin your next mission. Creating a partnership program with likeminded organizations and communities is a great way to get your product in front of potential customers and critical users. Leonardo will focus on his experience working with Start-Up Chile, 500 Startups México and others to help drive most of Lexgo’s early stage revenue. ...



September 15, 2021 00:31:19
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 37: The AppSumo Treasure Trove with Ruben Gamez

A conversation between Ruben Gamez and Rob Walling. Learn how Ruben maxed out the benefits of his AppSumo offer, what customizations are needed to improve your posts, and the points to back up these recommendations. ...



September 08, 2021 00:55:02
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 36: Reaching the Top of Product Hunt with Derrick Reimer

Living at the #2 Spot on ProductHunt for January 2021, Derrick will take you on a look behind the success of his launch with SavvyCal. ...



September 01, 2021 00:20:12
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 35: Early Stage SaaS Marketing with Rob Walling

An overview on early stage SaaS and software marketing strategies that can help you find your first customers. https://microconfremote.com MicroConf Connect ➡️ http://microconfconnect.com Twitter ➡️ https://twitter.com/MicroConf E-mail ➡️ [email protected] MicroConf Remote 2.0 Technology Sponsor Quietlight Brokerage https://quietlight.com/ Captioning Made Possible By: Balsamiq https://balsamiq.com MicroConf 2021 Headline Partners Stripe https://stripe.com Twitter ➡️ https://twitter.com/Stripe ...

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