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Let's Answer Some Sales Questions with Steli Efti

MicroConf On Air
Let's Answer Some Sales Questions with Steli Efti

The inimitable Steli Efti has been a leader in the startup and SaaS sales landscape for years. Check out this live Q+A focused on sales processes.

- Any tips on how I can use to my advantage the fact that I am a client as well as a co-founder in marketing, sales or during onboarding calls? 2- I have had extensive success in Marketing & Sales in the Sports & leisure industry selling an in-person Service in the B2C world. Any tips on how to translate those skills into the SaaS and B2B world?

- If you were to start a CRM system today from scratch, how would you try to launch and build it up in todays world? From Max Sinclair a big fan and user of Close

- How do you know when to put a fork in a cold outreach campaign?

- Any advice for selling to non-technical industries when your domain expertise is in tech & not their field?

- What are the best sales books?




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