MicroConf On Air: TinySeed Syndicate Announcement & Q+A with Einar Vollset

December 03, 2021 00:34:54
MicroConf On Air: TinySeed Syndicate Announcement & Q+A with Einar Vollset
MicroConf On Air
MicroConf On Air: TinySeed Syndicate Announcement & Q+A with Einar Vollset

Show Notes

TinySeed, the MicroConf Startup Accelerator and Fund, announced their Investment Syndicate today.

Join the co-founders of TinySeed, Rob Walling and Einar Vollset, as we discuss what it means to be an investment syndicate, how it can help startup founders more broadly than our accelerator program, and more.

At TinySeed we operate several funds, all with the same underlying thesis: Invest broadly into the earliest stages of B2B SaaS companies worldwide.

Typically, the kinds of companies we back are early stage — usually, $3-15k MRR at the time of application (although the range is much wider) — and those investments join our year-long remote accelerator in batches. The TinySeed Funds do not invest directly into any TinySeed company that decides to raise additional funding (a so-called “follow-on” round), or make any other kinds of investments.

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