Moving from An Agency Model to SaaS to Expand Your Bandwidth with Molly Wolchansky

Episode 55 July 14, 2021 00:26:37
Moving from An Agency Model to SaaS to Expand Your Bandwidth with Molly Wolchansky
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Moving from An Agency Model to SaaS to Expand Your Bandwidth with Molly Wolchansky

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When you find yourself consulting on number of client projects, as a solo consultant, you might run into bandwidth issues that can slow your growth. Learn how Molly took her experience marketing for Real Estate Agencies and applied a subscription based SaaS model to that framework, allowing her to erase the boundaries and limits time placed on her.

Molly Wolchansky is the founder of The Agent Nest, a SaaS that provides print and social media marketing content for real estate agents. Before starting her SaaS, she ran a marketing company, published multiple poetry books through her publishing company, wrote plays that were produced around Dallas, created handmade gifts for her Etsy shop, copyedited novels for a publisher, freelanced for Texas magazines, read incoming new scripts at a production company, and even wrote a children's book called The Cactus and the Balloon. The Agent Nest's debut was in 2020, and ever since its opening her company's monthly recurring revenue has continued to climb. At this trajectory, she will become the number one real estate marketing tool in the industry in a year.


8:06 - So your real estate marketing agency was able to serve 10-15 high touch customers - when did you realize that creating a self service tool could increase your bandwidth and revenue opportunities.

11:36 - What tools have you used to build The Agent Nest’s offering? 

16:58 - How did you create your content library?

19:24 - Have you had any issues with people pirating your content?

27:23 - How have you kept your templates and tools fresh?

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