Bonus Episode: Mastermind Matching Applications Are Open

January 30, 2023 00:06:24
Bonus Episode: Mastermind Matching Applications Are Open
MicroConf On Air
Bonus Episode: Mastermind Matching Applications Are Open

Jan 30 2023 | 00:06:24


Show Notes

Mastermind Matching applications are now open. 


Whether you are in the process of validating your SaaS idea and looking for product-market fit to finding a scalable marketing channel, or maybe you are looking for an extra dose of accountability and support as you grow the company, joining a mastermind can help.

With hundreds of successful matches under our belt, we have brought together founders from all walks of life, from over 50 countries across 20 time zones, with a collective $150M+ in ARR.


To do this, we focus on a number of key data points to get a feel for each entrepreneur’s experience level, expectations, work and personality styles, and other key criteria that allow us to make informed matches, including:


We’ve also made some big updates to the content in our mastermind program, including adding a series of 3 mentor sessions to tackle topics and challenges you are likely to experience based on where you are currently at with your business. These mentor sessions range from how to structure and get the most value out of your mastermind to mastering customer interviews, building a marketing flywheel, and hiring and onboarding your first few employees.


For those of you who sign up for a mastermind and are doing more than $500k in ARR, you’ll be invited to attend three virtual office hours with Rob Walling, Co-Founder of TinySeed + MicroConf & Einar Vollset, Co-Founder of TinySeed.


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