Episode 22: Reflecting on 500 Episodes of Startups for the Rest of Us with Mike Taber

Episode 22 June 19, 2020 00:30:16
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Episode 22: Reflecting on 500 Episodes of Startups for the Rest of Us with Mike Taber

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http://microconfonair.com Every couple of weeks, we like to feature a founder from the MicroConf Connect community that is brave enough to jump on a call with Rob to talk about what it is they're doing. This week, we're excited to welcome Brendan McAdams, founder of Expertscape. Brendan McAdams is the co-founder of Expertscape.com, a healthcare search resource that identifies and objectively ranks medical expertise by specific topic. With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience across telecom, financial services and healthcare, he is the author of Sales Craft: Proven Tips, Practices and Ideas to Improve Your Sales Success. His second book, specifically focused on sales fundamentals for tech founders, is due out later this year. Brendan is based in Baltimore, MD. Did you miss MIcroConf Remote? The videos are now on sale at http://microconfremote.com for $20. Twitter ➡️ https://twitter.com/MicroConf E-mail ➡️ support@microconf.com MicroConf 2020 Headline Partners Stripe https://stripe.com Twitter ➡️ https://twitter.com/Stripe Heyhttps://hey.comTwitter ➡️ https://twitter.com/Heyhey ...


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No-code is the word of the year, but the tools, processes, and ideas behind the movement have been around for years. As SaaS founders, we’ve been using no-code without calling it no-code for years. In this talk, we’ll cover some of the history of automations and linking tools, how it has evolved into the no code movement it is today, and where we see it going in the years to come. This recording is from MicroConf Remote 3.0. To see other past events and to get a copy of the slides, visit: https://microconf.com/remote Want to come to our next MicroConf Growth in Minneapolis? Tickets will sell out soon: https://microconf.com/growth Don't want to miss the next MicroConf Remote? Sign up for our mailing list: https://microconf.com/events ...