MicroConf Tactics: Top 10 Avoidable Mistakes SaaS Startups Make

August 10, 2022 00:12:28
MicroConf Tactics: Top 10 Avoidable Mistakes SaaS Startups Make
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MicroConf Tactics: Top 10 Avoidable Mistakes SaaS Startups Make

Aug 10 2022 | 00:12:28


Show Notes

In this episode, we are sharing the audio from one of our recent YouTube videos in which Rob Walling dives into 10 SaaS mistakes to avoid. You'll learn how to shortcut your success with the fundamentals of what's needed for SaaS growth. He'll be going over SaaS marketing tips, bootstrapping, MRR, and more.


Watch the original video here: https://youtu.be/8Jjb7fPV6PQ


Bootstrapper's Guidebook to Outside Funding

According to our 2021 State of Independent SaaS report, nearly 30% of founders said they were actively considering some form of outside funding. To help understand the options, we have recently released the Bootstrapper's Guidebook to Outside Funding. Check it out at microconf.com/funding-guide



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