All Things Design with Tracy Osborn, Author of Hello Web Design

Episode 48 February 18, 2021 00:33:12
All Things Design with Tracy Osborn, Author of Hello Web Design
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All Things Design with Tracy Osborn, Author of Hello Web Design

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Just as designers benefit from learning a little bit about programming, programmers, marketers, product managers, and salesfolk, can benefit from learning a little bit about design.

Tracy Osborn is the Program Manager of TinySeed, Founder of WeddingLovely, and an all around genius when it comes to operational efficiency and web design.  Her book, Hello Web Design, will be published nationally, and is available for pre-order at 

What elements should you consider when making a choice about fonts for your website?

"Too many cooks spoil the broth": does too many designers spoil the design too? 

What factors should founders consider when getting a logo designed? Should they always go bespoke? What's the cost for a custom logo design generally?

I find that most dev-tools screenshots of their features can be a bit busy or boring (sometimes it’s code, numbers, analytics etc.). Any design advice for dev-tool SaaS companies to help visualize these features where screenshots of their product might not work well? 

When you're looking at a website, what are 2-3 things you always look at to evaluate how "well" it is designed?

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