MicroConf On Air

A MicroConf On Air + Software Social Podcast Crossover

MicroConf On Air
A MicroConf On Air + Software Social Podcast Crossover

The hosts of the SaaS Podcast Award nominated Software Social Podcast join Rob to chat about all things SaaS, early stage marketing strategies, and more. 


Michele Hansen @mjwhansen 

Co-founder of Geocodio @geocodio, A geocoding SaaS, which she and her husband started in 2014. It started as a side project and she went full time in 2017. She is co-host of Software Social Podcast, which was nominated in several categories for MicroConf's 2020 SaaS Podcast Awards. She also recently launched a free newsletter about customer research for bootstrappers. 


Colleen Schnettler @leenyburger

Colleen  is a Ruby on Rails consultant. She has spoken at both RailsConf and RubyConf, and loves being part of the developer community.She recently launched her first product - https://www.simplefileupload.com/. You can hear all about her journey launching and monetizing a software product on her podcast - Software Social. She's a mother and a military spouse and loves chatting about all things software and business.

  • When did you start your show, and why?
  • Have you received any benefit from having a podcast, or is it just for fun?
  • How long do you plan to share revenue on the show?
  • How much time (and money) do you dedicate to the podcast outside of the time "on air"? 
  • How do (did) you foster a growth mindset? How did you develop the mindset to ship things without the need for immediate payoff?

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