Announcing TinySeed’s 2021 Accelerator Batch

Episode 53 May 06, 2021 00:07:29
Announcing TinySeed’s 2021 Accelerator Batch
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Announcing TinySeed’s 2021 Accelerator Batch

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We’re fortunate to be continuously amazed by the quality and number of applicants for TinySeed’s annual accelerator program: #tinyseed

In total, we’ve received nearly 2,000 applications across our three accelerator batches. And with each successive batch, the quality of applications has grown alongside the percentage of companies with higher revenue. This round’s batch is also our most international to date, with seven founders based outside the U.S.

We’re proud to welcome these 18 startups to our 2021 accelerator program: 

Aurelius ( is an all-in-one space for researchers to organize notes, capture insights, analyze data and share outcomes with their team. 

Breachsense ( enables security teams to reset stolen usernames and passwords before criminals exploit them.

CloudForecast ( eliminates wasted costs in AWS without significant engineering resources. Through easy-to-understand daily email and Slack reports, engineering teams can quickly react to cost anomalies and mistakes that can often sit for weeks.

CraftyBase ( is an inventory and bookkeeping package for handmade sellers.

Harbor Plan ( is an out-of-the-box sales tool that enables non-tech savvy users to follow up automatically via email and text message. The software extracts a lead’s contact info as soon as it lands in the user’s inbox, sending a campaign of built-in content until the lead responds or books a consult.

Lasso Analytics ( Analytics is the all-in-one affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress. Lasso helps you create beautiful product displays, find new affiliate opportunities, and easily manage all of your important links in one place.

Lexgo ( is the first automated legal service for startups in Latin America, enabling founders to complete their legal processes faster and at a fraction of the cost of a lawyer. 

Localyser ( is an online reputation management solution that helps businesses manage all of their reviews from across multiple platforms all from one place. Whether you manage one brand or several, one listing or a chain, our easy-to-use dashboard allows you to monitor, respond, analyze, and generate more reviews quickly.

Monolith Forensics ( is case, evidence, and lab management software for digital forensics labs and teams.

MSPCFO ( leverages data in a managed services provider’s systems to identify actionable items that can drive growth and stability to the bottom line. 

NewsCatcher ( allows users to search through an indexed database of online-published news articles in near real-time.

Planifi ( provides project and resource planning for architects and engineers. Planifi makes it easy for design professionals to plan and schedule projects, forecast project performance, and staffing utilization across offices and disciplines.

Postaga ( is an all-in-one link building and outreach platform that helps marketers more quickly and easily drive traffic, increase search rankings, get press coverage, and connect with potential customers. Postaga’s workflow analyzes websites, blog posts, and podcasts to find the best outreach opportunities, retrieve their contact details, and sends them personalized outreach and follow-up emails.

Rails Autoscale ( is a Heroku add-on for avoiding app slowdowns and lowering your Heroku bill.

SecurityStudio ( provides software solutions to secure information for your organization, your employees, your vendors and yourself.

Senior Place ( offers a customer relationship management system specifically designed for the rapidly growing Senior Placement and Referral industry.

Testable ( helps behavioral researchers create experiments and surveys in minutes instead of hours or days, using natural language instead of coding. We also help scientists collect better data through our reliable and diverse pool of verified participants.

Zentake ( is a patient intake management tool that improves medical practices’ patient interactions with HIPAA compliant electronic forms. Zentake removes the busywork from collecting patient information, saving time, and improving the patient experience.

Thank you to everyone who applied. TinySeed’s next application period will be in the summer of 2021.

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