Bonus: Applications for TinySeed Are Now Available + Live Q+A

Episode 45 January 15, 2021 00:56:24
Bonus: Applications for TinySeed Are Now Available + Live Q+A
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Bonus: Applications for TinySeed Are Now Available + Live Q+A

Show Notes

Curious about TinySeed, MicroConf's accelerator and fund? The TinySeed accelerator team (Tracy Osborn, Rob Walling, and Einar Vollset) recorded this live webinar to answer questions about their third application round.


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2:43 - Why is it called TinySeed?

8:52 - What are TinySeed's basic investment terms?

13:55 - Do we invest in non-US countries?

16:03 - Do we invest in B2B companies?

18:34 - Is there a requirement for the application process?

21:43 - What is your policy against repeat investment in the same space?

22:48 - How many months would you estimate the churn rate over for small business?

24:24 - I feel our evaluation now may be above the standard investment terms for TinySeed. Will there be any flexibility in terms?.

25:08 - What industries or companies did you see thriving this year due to COVID?

25:55 - We just started providing annual payments were people can pay in advance for a year — should we advertise those when calculating MRR in our application ?

26:55 - My SaaS isn't launched yet but it's making a $1000 or more in the MRR — am I right for the program?

27:36 - I believe you looking to fund to 20 to 25 companies, which is 2 times more than previous batches. How will you maintain the camaraderie and intimacy the with a bigger batch?

31:46 - We have a B2B SaaS system, we have 15000 active free users and 25 paying customers — 15000 looks better than 25, which one should I use for customers?

32:30 - Is Edu/Research Tech under your domain?

33:05 - Do you have a preferred formula for LTV?

35:04 - Can salary cap be adjusted with inflation overtime, or market changes?

36:16 - Is the investor dividend based on equity?

36:30 - If there are multiple founders, do you require all founders to be full time?

38:00 - What factors do you look at before onboarding a company?

40:25 - Is there an option to buy your shares out?

42:43 - Do you invest in S-Corps?

44:32 - What is the process and timeline after the application has been submitted?

46:19 - How do you approach the application if you had previously had a SaaS?

47:00 - What happens after the accelerator year?

50:18 - When is the next application process and when is the next batch?

51:16 - If you're recently launched, should I apply now (to be on the radar) or later?

52:12 - In your application, you ask the number of team size — is this the number of founders?

55:04 - How do you compute monthly churns, if only yearly churns are counted?

56:07 - Is growth more important than profitability?

57:25 - Apart from investing, what else can we get from TinySeed? 

58:28 - How should you represent monthly payments when it consists of one-time payments?


More about TinySeed


The program and how to apply:



[email protected]


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