Freemium, Growth @ Summit, & Forecasting Currency Fluctuations with Matt Wensing

Episode 43 November 19, 2020 00:28:08
Freemium, Growth @ Summit, & Forecasting Currency Fluctuations with Matt Wensing
MicroConf On Air
Freemium, Growth @ Summit, & Forecasting Currency Fluctuations with Matt Wensing

Show Notes

As we continue to evolve the MicroConf On Air Podcast, we have decided to move into a more open call for questions from the audience rather than a straightforward interview format.  

Host Rob Walling is joined today by Matt Wensing, the founder of Summit ( and RiskPulse, which was recently sold. 

In this episodes, we cover the following questions: 

 - When is Matt are you going to start hiring a team for Summit? When does he anticipate he will hit a growth stage within the company?

-My product is a social intranet software sort of like microsoft teams/facebook combined, so we deal with B2B. A lot of my competitors make it very difficult for their customers to sign up, do not give free trials or freemium, you have to fill out a form for a demo or to get signed up. Is there some sort of hidden advantage to being difficult to get started with?  Is there an advantage to weeding people out or what exactly is the goal here?

-How do you think non-American startups should forecast currency fluctuations if most customers are in the US paying in dollars?

-What does Summit do? At what stage in my business is it for me?


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