MicroConf Refresh Episode 18: How I Inadvertently Launched Speckled: Corinn Pope - MicroConf Remote

Episode 18 November 17, 2020 00:38:31
MicroConf Refresh Episode 18: How I Inadvertently Launched Speckled: Corinn Pope - MicroConf Remote
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 18: How I Inadvertently Launched Speckled: Corinn Pope - MicroConf Remote

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It takes a ton of methodical, strategic steps to get any product off the ground. For some, they fear launching before the product is perfect; others may launch way to early, before establishing any degree of product market fit. But in the grand scheme of things, unless your launch has been prefaced with fanfare or critical note, you may decide to launch by simply flipping the on switch and seeing what happens.

Our opener tweeted back in early June that she had inadvertently launched her company. It doesn’t get much earlier stage or right at launch as that. Corinn Pope is the Founder of Speckled, and has been following the stairstep approach to move from an employee to a info-product maker, to now a self-taught technical Founder of Speckled. And her approaching to building the company leaned so far into the concept of “Just Ship It” that she had launched her MVP before she had even realized it was on the market. Check out her story.

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This video was recorded on September 1, 2020 in Minneapolis MN. All proper social distancing, PPE, and health and safety measures were taken in the production of this show.

Note, this is not a live session, so calls for questions, survey, etc… are all pre-recorded.

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