MicroConf Refresh Episode 45: From Zero to 14,000 Customers: The Survival Guide to Bootstrapped SaaS

Episode 45 February 17, 2022 00:37:24
MicroConf Refresh Episode 45: From Zero to 14,000 Customers: The Survival Guide to Bootstrapped SaaS
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 45: From Zero to 14,000 Customers: The Survival Guide to Bootstrapped SaaS

Show Notes

How did Omar Zenhom go from being broke with fewer than 300 people on his email list to 14,000 paying customers and 1 million attendees in 5 years?

Omar speaks about his journey from 0 to 14,000 customers, launching his podcast The $100 MBA, which won several prestigious awards from iTunes, Forbes, and Fast Company) and the journey of bootstrapping WebinarNinja

The not-so-secret to his success was treating relationships as his biggest asset.

In this podcast, you'll hear about the following:

His early background when he had no traffic or audience

Why he pivoted and launched a 2nd podcast, The $100 MBA

How pain points he experienced with The S100 MBA led to the early idea behind WebinarNinja

Creating the initial MVP for WebinarMBA as a first-time SaaS founder who wasn't a professional developer

The compound effect of building and managing relationships at scale 

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