MicroConf Tactics: How to Start a SaaS Business with No Money

August 17, 2022 00:13:04
 MicroConf Tactics: How to Start a SaaS Business with No Money
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MicroConf Tactics: How to Start a SaaS Business with No Money

Show Notes

Starting a SaaS business with no money is hard, but not impossible. In this episode, we are sharing the audio from one of our recent YouTube videos in which Rob outlines what steps you should take if funds are tight but you have a great SaaS product idea.


You may want to consider startup funding options, but that's not always necessary, so in this video I'm going through what you can do to get started today in tech, startups and SaaS business - even with a shoestring budget.


Watch the original video here: https://youtu.be/huyDp-zWpxg


Links from the pod:

Rob's article on the Stair Step Approach to Bootstrapping:



Bootstrapper's Guidebook to Outside Funding

According to our 2021 State of Independent SaaS report, nearly 30% of founders said they were actively considering some form of outside funding. To help understand the options, we have recently released the Bootstrapper's Guidebook to Outside Funding. Check it out at microconf.com/funding-guide

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