The 2021 State of Independe SaaS Report

Episode 47 February 11, 2021 00:31:27
The 2021 State of Independe SaaS Report
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The 2021 State of Independe SaaS Report

Show Notes

Comprehensive data about the state for bootstrapped (or mostly) founders and how to use the report to make meaningful change in 2021.


To access the full report, head over to


For nearly a decade MicroConf has helped startup founders grow faster through access to world-class experts, and the world’s most trusted community of ambitious, bootstrapped and mostly bootstrapped founders. MicroConf has become the mothership for founders like yourself looking to learn and share strategies, tactics, advice, and inspiration.


The beauty of creating this 2nd report is our ability to draw comparisons from one year to the next. While the overall structure is very similar to last year, you’ll notice we’ve drawn comparisons wherever the data deviated to a point that it became interesting.


In addition, we’ve mixed up the visuals in many areas from simple bar and pie charts to now include word clouds and micro-infographics. The idea is to optimize the presentation of this information to help you understand it at a deeper level.


This all lines up with our mission to help you be successful, faster.


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