Mentorship for SaaS Founder with John Knox

Episode 50 March 18, 2021 00:27:22
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Mentorship for SaaS Founder with John Knox

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Mentorship for SaaS Founders can mean the difference between the slow SaaS ramp of death and making the critical changes to your process that helps get you to consistent growth.

John Knox is a repeat Angel Investor in some of the most successful mobile and SaaS brands, including Summit, Branch, and 1 Second Everyday. He is a current Mentor for TinySeed, and his insights and network are huge assets to the companies he provides mentorship for.

- Do you follow up on the people you help with a specific problem to see how it went and find further opportunities to help? How do organize this?

- Any recommendations on how to become more coachable?

- Can you talk about what’s in it for the mentor if they're not an investor?

​- How formal are the mentorships you're talking about? Is there an equity split, consistent scheduled meetings, or is it more informal?

- I am at the MVP stage and in the process of promoting my SaaS. It’s going slowly due to lack of budget. Any thoughts on how to speed up growth on a budget?

MicroConf Remote ( is on sale! The event is scheduled for March 23 - 25 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EST Daily.

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