Building Communities that Enhance Customer and User Satisfaction with Rosie Sherry

April 28, 2021 00:26:00
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Building Communities that Enhance Customer and User Satisfaction with Rosie Sherry

Show Notes

There is power in numbers and developing communities around your brand, your product, and your users can be a great strategy to ensure customer and client satisfaction.

Rosie Sherry has just started a new role with and has been serving as the Community Manager for Indie Hackers before launching her Community Building hub, community and course, Roiseland.

I want to build a community but I feel there are already so many communities existing out there targeting the same audience ... feels saturated - your view ?

What went into the decision of using Discord? Pros? Cons?

Are you worried about what's going on with Facebook and Section 230? Could it kill the small online communities?

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