Joining a Remote Startup Accelerator with Tony Chan

Episode 56 August 19, 2021 00:27:59
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Joining a Remote Startup Accelerator with Tony Chan

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Coming to you in the last 24 hours to apply for TinySeed!

Learn what joining a remote startup accelerator is like from Tony Chan, co-founder of, who was accepted into the Spring 2021 batch of TinySeed, the MicroConf Startup Accelerator and Fund.

Tony is a member of the MicroConf Connect community from launch and has been building CloudForecast, an AWS cost management tool that helps engineering teams monitor and eliminate wasted spend without spending.  He is a 3x applicant to TinySeed, having applied over each of the application rounds. 

TinySeed is currently accepting applications for the Fall 2021 batch of companies that we will welcome into our accelerator.  If you'd like to apply, head over to

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