MicroConf Refresh Episode 31: How to Build Buzz & Backlinks on a Bootstrap Budget Irina Nica MicroConf Europe 2019

Episode 31 July 07, 2021 00:34:11
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 31: How to Build Buzz & Backlinks on a Bootstrap Budget Irina Nica MicroConf Europe 2019

Show Notes

In this recording, Irina Nica (Senior Marketing Manager at HubSpot) goes over how to build buzz and backlinks on a bootstrapped budget. Irina is in charge of the Hubspot's off-site SEO Strategy, including content promotion, influencer outreach, and link building. Prior to joining HubSpot, Irina was the Marketing Manager of SEOmonitor.com – an award-winning SEO tool for agencies.

MicroConf Europe 2019

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