Episode 25: Rob's SaaS Thoughts & Founder Story Spotlight with Anthony Eden

Episode 25 July 02, 2020 00:30:18
Episode 25: Rob's SaaS Thoughts & Founder Story Spotlight with Anthony Eden
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Episode 25: Rob's SaaS Thoughts & Founder Story Spotlight with Anthony Eden

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A new segment of MicroConf On Air, we're going to host founders who have joined the MicroConf Connect community to share their stories, their successes and failures, and more.

Today, we are featuring Anthony Eden, Founder of DNSimple.

Anthony Eden is the founder of DNSimple, a 25-year software developer, and a seasoned international speaker. In addition to bootstrapping DNSimple, Anthony has been an early-stage member of numerous small businesses and startups since the late 90s. Anthony has a large portfolio of open source projects that he either created or contributed to, using multiple languages including Java, Python, Ruby, Clojure, Go, Erlang and Elixir. Anthony has spoken at conferences in both the US and Europe on topics such as software development techniques, best practices for systems design, and how to build a sustainable business. When he's not working you can find him surfing, snowboarding, playing board games, and traveling. Anthony currently lives near Melbourne, Florida.


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