Episode 33: Building Multiple Products Side-by-Side (B2B & B2C Edition) with Sumit Kumar

Episode 33 August 27, 2020 00:30:35
Episode 33: Building Multiple Products Side-by-Side (B2B & B2C Edition) with Sumit Kumar
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Episode 33: Building Multiple Products Side-by-Side (B2B & B2C Edition) with Sumit Kumar

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This week, we've invited Sumit Kumar (@TweetsOfSumit), Founder of Geoman.io - a B2C product that allows users to draw and edit geodata with our intuitive and powerful leaflet plugins and Tresor.one, an automated portfolio management tool.

This poses the question - what does it take to build and support two businesses as an indie funded SaaS founder? And what can you expect from working with two very different audiences in a B2B and a B2C space.

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