Episode 35: Founder Spotlight with Brendan McAdams, Expertscape

Episode 35 September 17, 2020 00:25:16
Episode 35: Founder Spotlight with Brendan McAdams, Expertscape
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Episode 35: Founder Spotlight with Brendan McAdams, Expertscape

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Every couple of weeks, we like to feature a founder from the MicroConf Connect community that is brave enough to jump on a call with Rob to talk about what it is they're doing. This week, we're excited to welcome Brendan McAdams, founder of Expertscape. Brendan McAdams is the co-founder of Expertscape.com, a healthcare search resource that identifies and objectively ranks medical expertise by specific topic. With over 30 years of sales and marketing experience across telecom, financial services and healthcare, he is the author of Sales Craft: Proven Tips, Practices and Ideas to Improve Your Sales Success. His second book, specifically focused on sales fundamentals for tech founders, is due out later this year. Brendan is based in Baltimore, MD.

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