MicroConf Refresh Episode 26: The Office: Training Your Team To Get The Job Done Without You: Nate Grahek - MicroConf Remote

Episode 26 January 19, 2021 00:15:54
MicroConf Refresh Episode 26: The Office: Training Your Team To Get The Job Done Without You: Nate Grahek - MicroConf Remote
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 26: The Office: Training Your Team To Get The Job Done Without You: Nate Grahek - MicroConf Remote

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Let’s face it – there comes a time in a founder’s lifecycle within their company where having them on support emails is a terrible idea. Eventually, you’re going to have the assets to be able to afford a marketing person, and THAT person is now responsible for all of the copyrighting. You cannot be the only person doing demos. In time, if your company has found product market fit and your growing in ways that allow you to bring on more help – its time to create a structure so that you can let them know how to move through a project…. without you.

Nate Grahek, Founder of Sticky Albums, is going to share a few pointers for how he optimizes his internal operations so that his team of much smarter people doing their own thing can get their jobs done without him being the bottleneck.

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This video was recorded on September 1, 2020 in Minneapolis MN. All proper social distancing, PPE, and health and safety measures were taken in the production of this show.

Note, this is not a live session, so calls for questions, survey, etc… are all pre-recorded.

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