MicroConf Refresh Episode 21: Quick Fix #2: Finance for SaaS Founders: Meryl Johnston - MicroConf Remote

Episode 21 December 15, 2020 00:13:53
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MicroConf Refresh Episode 21: Quick Fix #2: Finance for SaaS Founders: Meryl Johnston - MicroConf Remote

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What are Quick Fixes?

We asked some pretty smart people a pretty hard question: What is 1 thing you can do today that is going to make tomorrow and on easier for you to run your business?

Meryl Johnston, Co-Founder of Bean Ninjas, takes a deep look into things that founders at a few different stages of their journey can be optimizing their finances for the future.

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This video was recorded on September 1, 2020 in Minneapolis MN. All proper social distancing, PPE, and health and safety measures were taken in the production of this show.

Note, this is not a live session, so calls for questions, survey, etc… are all pre-recorded.

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