MicroConf On Air: The Vision for TinySeed Europe

February 09, 2022 00:26:02
MicroConf On Air: The Vision for TinySeed Europe
MicroConf On Air
MicroConf On Air: The Vision for TinySeed Europe

Show Notes

With applications for our next round of companies to join the TinySeed Accelerator program in full swing, we are sitting down with Alex McQuade, Program Manager for TinySeed EMEA to talk about his goals for launching a successful EMEA focused accelerator for bootstrapped startup founders.

Alex McQuade has worked alongside hundreds of bootstrapped businesses, in addition to growing his own. He exited his business in 2020, and prior to that ran operations at the Dynamite Circle

Watch the live stream @ https://bit.ly/on-air-tinyseed-europe 

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